P&G In-Store Operations: Tablet marketing campaign

Tricia Elamparo

Campaign details

Brand owner: P&G Philippines
Agency: Mobext
Brand: P&G In-Store Operations
Country: Philippines
Channels used: Mobile and apps
Media budget: 500k – 1 million

Executive summary

This is how Procter & Gamble (P&G) combined its concept of 'the first moment of truth' (FMOT) with the deployment of connect devices and in-store marketers to highlight product benefits. Not only did this generate conversion and increase business, but resulted in what turned out to be possibly the largest one-to-one, in-store marketing programme in the country.

P&G own some of the world's fastest-selling consumer goods in the country. Its product line consists of personal care and household items that are must-have commodities when doing the weekly grocery shopping.