Can Amazon be an advertising platform? Case studies from Universal Pictures, Huggies and UbiSoft

Geoffrey Precourt

"It is just Day One for advertising at," according to Lisa Utzschneider, VP/global advertising sales digital destination. But advertising could become a seriously lucrative business for the company.

In 16 years, Amazon has moved "so beyond retail," Utzschneider told an ad:tech San Francisco 2012 keynote audience. "We've expanded into 42 different categories and we're a global company."

It's become more than a shopping/shipping service. It's a place where people assemble. Where there are audiences, advertising is a natural enough consequence. And, as evidenced by three mini-case histories for Universal Pictures Huggies and UbiSoft that follow below, Amazon is serious about becoming an advertising destination.

Margit Wenmachers, the partner in the three-year-old Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm (and home of Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape), termed Amazon's move "from a dominantly retail platform" into the kind of hardware/software mix that could support a billion-dollar advertising business a "brilliant move".