Outdoor Advertising: Solus or Support?

Roderick White

Among traditional media, outdoor advertising (posters, billboards, transport advertising – the range is almost endless, and growing steadily: see (13), for example) has undergone a period of particularly dramatic development in the past 15 years. Consolidation of the industry, product development and greatly improved audience research have all led to substantial growth in ad revenues and market share in many markets.

However, in spite of the high level of penetration of major multinational operators – Clear Channel, JCDecaux, Viacom – the character of national markets remains fairly distinct. Though (for example) JCDecaux's success in spreading its street furniture packages worldwide is adding some homogeneity to parts of the poster industry.

This article is based largely on UK experience, though it is clear that, for example, poster research is beginning to acquire clear similarities around the major outdoor ad markets.