Further truths about the connected you in Japan

Dave McCaughan
McCann WorldGroup Asia Pacific

So how connected are you? In the previous column, I introduced the results of the "Truth about Connected You," – a global study into the way people use and think about their mobile and digital connections and how these things are changing and forming their personalities – conducted by McCann Truth Central, a global thought leadership group. I then challenged readers to go on-line themselves and answer a five minute quiz about their own digital habits (go on try it here). The result is that you are categorized into one of sixteen "connected profiles" that divide people by their attitudes to mobile and digital life (see selected profiles below). Of course such segmentations are always a little arbitrary and you may not agree with what it says about you. However it does allow marketers to quickly get an idea as to how the population is split on an issue, how populations may differ across borders and the type of messages that might be needed.