AT&T: Brackets by six year-olds

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Advertiser: AT&T
Brand: AT&T
Country: USA


March Madness is the biggest, most fast-paced, and most chaotic sports tournament of its kind. One whose sheer scale makes all others - whether professional or collegiate - pale in comparison, as 68 college basketball teams from all over the country are whittled down to 1 champion over 30 days.

For over 10 years, AT&T has been an official sponsor of March Madness, a title it shares with13 other companies including Coca-Cola, CapitalOne, LG, UPS, and Kraft. Historically, our sponsorship strategy had been effective at driving brand association - but that's pretty much where it stopped.1 We simply weren't pushing it far enough.

Meanwhile, fellow March Madness sponsors were finding ways to get fans more involved or closer to the action: Coke's "Social Arena" gave thousands of amateur "analysts" a voice and the opportunity to dialogue with experts; Infiniti's "Round by Round" donated money to cancer research for each bracket filled out, helping fans do good just by doing something they loved; Dove's "The Big Excuse" guaranteed that fans didn't miss a single game by generating excuses they could send to their boss.