The London School of Economics: Inside the mind of the voter

Opinium Research and The London School of Economics


Funded by the European Research Council, 'Inside the Mind of a Voter' is a project jointly carried out by Opinium Research and a team of LSE academics on behalf of the ECREP initiative led by Dr Michael Bruter. The research focuses on electoral psychology (the psychological mechanisms at stake when people vote, and notably when they are standing in the polling booth) and electoral ergonomy (impact of electoral procedures on how citizens vote).

The research, currently in its third year, already covers 12 countries and is expanding.

Innovative: The project uses an unprecedented combination of cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative methods. They include multi-year multi-mode surveys, innovative experiments (such as filming the shadow of voters through the polling booth curtain), election diaries, and direct observation in polling stations in collaboration with official observers.