Leveraging Synergy and Emotion in a Multi-Platform World: A Neuroscience-Informed Model of Engagement

Audrey Steele

Fox Broadcasting Company

Devra Jacobs

Innerscope Research, Inc.

Caleb Siefert

University of Michigan

Randall Rule

Innerscope Research, Inc.

Brian Levine

Innerscope Research, Inc.

Carl D. Marci

Innerscope Research, Inc.

Management slant

  • This integrated consumer neuroscience study offers evidence for a media model based on the type and degree of brand immersion. It shows how different, rapidly growing audiences approach, experience, and engage with content on television and online. Results show that emotional engagement with unfamiliar brands is higher when first seen on television than online.
  • Increased engagement translates into a nearly threefold advantage in post-exposure brand resonance, a biometric measure of brand equity.
  • The results also inform synergistic media planning to maintain brand equity with television while enhancing brand engagement within related online content. This model can help develop more effective strategies that embrace the changing media landscape and deliver greater ROI.