Using Twitter and Instagram: Insights from Mumbrella360

Andrea Sophocleous

Twitter is on a mission to show brands that using its platform can boost the bottom line. Melissa Barnes, the microblog's head of agency and brand advocacy, brought the roadshow to Australia in June 2013 at the Mumbrella360 conference.

Her message to the Sydney audience: "Twitter is where the conversation begins. As a brand, you need to start your story on Twitter, because that's where it all begins."

Barnes demonstrated her point with the example of a helicopter crash in London in January 2013, which was first "reported" by users of Twitter posting photos, before the BBC carried the news on its website – without a picture. "This pattern of stories breaking on Twitter happens every day, all around the world, with big events and small events," Barnes said.

Twitter's popularity – with 200 million active users posting one billion tweets every two-and-a-half days – comes down to several key characteristics of the platform, according to Barnes. "It's so simple and easy to use, there is a lot of content, and you have the same experience on the desktop as you do on your mobile," she said.