Method Cleaning Products: The New "Method" Marketing Model

Geoffrey Precourt

"Building a brand is about a thousand little new touches," according to Eric Ryan, co-founder/chief brand architect, Method Products, Inc.  "Consistency is only for liars."

San Francisco-based Method is a household-cleaning products company founded by an agency account planner (Ryan) and a chemical engineer (Adam Lowry) in 2001. Their brand's marketplace point of difference was empowered by the diversity of their backgrounds.  "We very much think of ourselves as a 'challenger' brand," said Ryan. "Most entrepreneurs are foolish enough to go up against one Goliath. We were foolish enough to go against seven Goliaths."

"So we are forced to think differently about everything we do," Ryan told the 2009 Masters of Marketing annual conference of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).