IAB Future Trends Volume 3: Real time goes mainstream

Stuart Aitken


  • A minority no more
    Discussing a Minority Report style future may be a well worn cliche in advertising circles. But what happens when this future becomes the norm asks Tim Elkington, Director of Research & Strategy at the IAB.

  • No longer the preserve of online
    Anna Watkins, Managing Director and Head of Digital at Initiative, explores key trends that herald a move by traditional media channels towards a programmatic buying model.

  • Media becomes empathetic
    Rohan Tambyrajah, Global Innovation Director at PHD/Unilever, outlines three key drivers that are helping media better react to consumer need in real time.

  • Big Data just got explicit
    Nadya Powell, Director of Social & Emerging Behaviour at Dare, describes how storytelling and Big Data can be used together to build more meaningful relationships with consumers.