Mind the Gap! a Visual Journey Across the Indian Divide

Pravin Shekar

For change to happen – the foundation needs to be destroyed and rebuilt.

The issue is not 'it will not work' but 'when will it' 'how can I help'.

Stagnation is tantamount to death!

The need for change is now.


What kinds of divides exist in a developing country like India? How are researchers handling the divides? Why restrict to digital divisions?

Let us look at the divisions that face us – especially from the developing part of the world. A look at the divides that face India (and the rest of the world):

  • Culture/socio-economic;

  • Generation: from boomer to zoomer;

  • Location – urban, rural and everything in between;

  • Language;

  • Technology – haves and have-nots.

A combination of the above gives rise to social inequalities in our society – for which research has a direct resonance effect. Now, what does this mean for research in general and democratic participation as a whole?