Energizer Holdings, Inc.: Bunny Chasers campaign

Patrick Hutchins


The pink Energizer Bunny first marched across American television screens in 1989 to advertise the Eveready Battery Company's Energizer batteries. Eight years later Eveready Battery (which eventually became Energizer Holdings, Inc.) was America's second-largest battery manufacturer, behind Duracell, Inc. After the Energizer Bunny's debut proved highly successful, Eveready continued to spin off similar campaigns throughout the early 1990s. One television spot began as a hemorrhoid-cream commercial but was soon interrupted by the marching Energizer Bunny. The voice-over message never varied, with the announcer proclaiming, "Energizer batteries. They keep going and going and going …' In 1997 Eveready and its longtime ad agency, TBWA\Chiat\Day, struggled to develop fresh Energizer Bunny campaigns. That year, in an attempt to revitalize the bunny's image and replace Duracell as the industry leader, Eveready introduced its "Bunny Chasers" television campaign, which borrowed the storyline from the previous summer's blockbuster tornado thriller Twister.