MINI UK: A not normal relationship

Ben Essen

Campaign details

Brand owner: BMW
Agency: Iris Worldwide (creative); Vizeum (media)
Brand: MINI UK
Country: UK

Executive summary

Ask a recent VW Golf purchaser why he didn't choose a MINI and he'll say 'with MINI you're just paying for the badge'. Too many irreverent commercials meant people were starting to see MINI's quirky personality as unnecessary and, worse, superficial. In a category where practicality counts MINI's brand had got in the way of its benefits.

But talk to anyone at the annual MINI pilgrimage from London to Brighton and you realize the Golf owners are missing the point. MINI is a car that inspires a passion and creativity like no other. Minis don't have owners: they have fans.

How do you communicate that in an ad? No message alone would help those rational Golf buyers understand what they were missing out on. They had to experience it for themselves.