Kleenex: Let it Out

Category: Household Products and Supplies
Brand: Kleenex
Client: Kimberly-Clark
Primary Agency: JWT
Media Agency: MindShare
Contributing Agencies: GMR, Ketchum


Pass the Kleenex, my brand's in trouble

The year was 2006, and life should have been good for Kleenex. Launched as a make-up remover in 1924, it had enjoyed 80 years of continuous success to become not only the world's favorite facial tissue but an indispensable part of everyday life. Kleenex tissue boxes can be found in over half of American homes. The brand has few competitors and private label has not made great inroads. The brand had traditionally sold itself on the promise that when the laws of nature mean you're not quite in control, Kleenex is there to make life better. It had come out of the insight that people feel vulnerable when their bodies emit yucky stuff-snot, spit, sweat and tears. Kleenex's role is eliminating this vulnerability, restoring order. Re-establishing control, giving people their composure and confidence back.