Mobile marketing communications in the retail environment: A comparison of QR code users and non-users

Jay Sang Ryu


Since the introduction of wireless Internet and mobile technology, the retail environment has changed significantly. With an increasing number of mobile phone users and consumers embracing a mobile lifestyle, retailers should adopt a mobile marketing mindset in order to build sustainable and profitable relationships with mobile-savvy consumers.

It is documented that about 82% of U.S. mobile phone users search for shopping information or make purchases via their mobile phones (Goldberg, 2010). This new shopping behavior provides compelling reasons for why U.S. retailers should engage in mobile marketing to remain relevant to today's consumers. Mobile marketing is defined as an interactive communication between a company and consumers via a mobile medium, device, or technology (Shankar & Balasubramanian, 2008). Many consumers prefer mobile marketing to conventional or PC-centered marketing because they can access marketing messages anytime and anywhere (Cunha, Peres, Morais, Bessa, & Reis, 2010).