In 2030 the best market researcher in the organisation will be the CEO

Elisabetta Osta and David Smith
Barclays Retail Bank and DVL Smith, UK


'He who lives by the crystal ball soon learns to eat ground glass.'

Niels Bohr, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist, reminded us that 'prediction is very difficult, particularly if it's about the future'. And Fiedler told us, 'give them a date, and give them an idea, but never give them both together'! So we realise that, in predicting events up to 2030, we are on risky ground. However, be reassured that the points we make are underpinned by: discussions currently taking place in the industry; a review of the literature; discussions with experts in the field; and detailed insights into the way Barclays Bank, a major global player, is planning its future. This has allowed us to identify a number of overarching themes that are reasonably 'incontestable'. So, this is our journey to 2030: there will be twists and turns on the way, and some of our time points may not be quite right, but we believe this is the future for customer insight professionals.

New Year's Eve 2012: everybody now gets big data