An Update On International PPM Activities: Belgium, Quebec And Beyond

Dan Ames
Arbitron Inc.
Pasquale Pellegrini
BBM Canada
Dominique Vercraeye
Taylor Nelson Sofres Media


Portable people meters have been under development at Arbitron since 1992. During the past few years, much has been reported on Arbitron's PPM activities in the United States, specifically the Philadelphia Market Trial. Detailed findings on panel behavior and audience listening estimates from the United States have been reported at recent ESOMAR conferences and at other venues. Meanwhile, interest in the PPM system has continued to grow in many countries around the world and this interest has taken different forms in different places. The purpose of this paper is to describe the recent international PPM research activities, which have been conducted by various organizations in several different countries with differing levels of support and participation by Arbitron. For the first time, the PPM technology is being used directly on a large scale by research organizations other than Arbitron.