Brands are the new government

Stuart Crawford-Browne and Colin Strong

Brands are vehicles for ideas: they are more powerful and effective in changing the world, addressing imbalances and creating wellbeing than governments. If brands gain the confidence of consumers and embrace the nascent market forces of the changing economy, they can optimize profitability and have positive impact on society. The sense of purpose, decisive leadership and grit of marketers and social entrepreneurs are key to navigating the tough ride ahead to a sustainable future through the brands that they bring to life.

Public policy is failing to address the growing gaps in meeting the needs of the world and faith in governments around the world is wavering. Shrinking budgets and overspending in the face of austerity, weakening stimulus through monetary policy, short-term risk aversion and general apathy towards transformational change in the face of major hurdles – they all point to the sagging ability and resolve of governments to attack the fundamental causes of global challenges with an effective regulatory response.