Why agile consumers need agile brands

Joseph Clift

"The agile consumer is fundamentally a new kind of consumer that has come through as a result of technology," said Daniele Fiandaca, head of innovation at Cheil Worldwide, introducing a seminar session at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

"Technology is advancing so quickly but people are getting used to that change. They are by definition agile. They understand what technology can do for them."

The agile consumer

The seminar discussed results of a global, long-term study undertaken by Cheil and looking into the agile consumer.

This covered five continents, over three years, with the general aim of learning from "indigenous insights" in each of the nations covered. "We crunched lots and lots of data, just to understand who these agile consumers are…the people who we believed were going to have influence."