Radiostation Studio Brussels: Eternal Moonwalk



On June 25th 2009, Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop", died. One of the biggest mournings of the century in the music industry.

Studio Brussels, a Belgian radio station, wanted to pay tribute to the King of Pop in its own original way.

We wanted to prove our positioning by showing we understood more than anyone else what Michael Jackson did for the music industry and what he meant for many music lovers.

Instead of looking back on his life and playing his music on the radio all day, we decided to let fans pay tribute to their idol.We decided to create a branded platform around his most famous dance move, the moonwalk:

People could easily upload their own version of the moonwalk. By placing the videos side by side, we created the neverending moonwalk.

Each clip features the dancer's name and location. It's easy to share, equipped with a search function, a moonwalk meter and Michael Jackson's typical screams.