DiGi: Evangelist

Youli Hooi, Sulin Lau

Campaign details

Brand owner: DiGi
Brand: DiGi
Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group
Country: Malaysia
Channels used: Internet - general, Internet - search, Social media
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

80% of the top Superbloggers are on the payroll of rival telecommunication giants in Malaysia. DiGi had to make a no-win call to either 'pay to play' in the blogosphere, or forfeit playing.

For every hundred superbloggers, there were at least a thousand other 'nobody bloggers' that are ignored. DiGi Evangelists, a grassroots blogger community, was created to nurture these 'nobody bloggers' to be on par with superbloggers. In return, DiGi's share of influence online as well as editorial coverage increased tremendously – resulting in an organic increase in search visibility.