The future of shopper marketing: 10 steps to shopper centricity

Kirstie Hawkes and Richard Tolley
Kantar Retail

Becoming shopper-centric is a mindset, not just the realignment of budgets or the rebadging of sales promotion or customer marketing departments.

Shopper Marketing has been on the rise for the past few years, with leading FMCG companies increasing their marketing spend at the 'first moment of truth' to try and influence the sale; to influence the 70% of decisions that are said to be made there.

There is now a plethora of people focusing on the shopper, with whole departments set up and some companies now having 'shopper' represented on their operating boards.

However, there are three issues that we often find. Firstly, the monies have invariably come from the traditional marketing pot and not the burgeoning trading budget. There has been little change in the conversation with the retailer over promotions, something a concentration on the shopper should afford. It is after all unassailable common ground between them both, that they can agree on and that both want to influence.