Metropole Orkest: Save an Orchestra

Havas Worldwide Amsterdam Amstelveen

Advertiser: Metropole Orkest
Brand: Metropole Orkest
Country: The Netherlands


Interim objectives:

  • Create exposure for the Orchestra and give it a podium to tell their story. In a period of severe budget cuts of the Government endanger literally hundreds of organisations earning media-attention for your own cause is not an easy task. So, in order to get our message across, finding an angle that would give the Metropole Orchestra an unique podium to reach out to the Dutch people was, although an interim objective, the first priority.
  • Show the entrepreneurial spirit of the Orchestra and the potential to become independent when given a fair chance. The goal was to get a transitional subsidy for the coming years. The Government, who wanted to stimulate cultural entrepreneurship, had to be convinced that the Orchestra had the right attitude to become independent. Showing odessity, creativity, a relentless fighting spirit and above all optimism and believe in their own strengths were of vital importance to win them over.
  • Win the support of the Dutch people and by doing so, put pressure on the politicians.In the end politicians are influenced through public opinion. What vote in parliament will make me popular? This makes the support of the Dutch public a powerful force. A force the Orchestra needed to make the parliament change their minds. "By supporting the Metropole Orchestra my popularity-index will rise". This thought was what we wanted to get in the politicians minds.
Final Objective: