How Australians fell in love with AAMI and Cadbury

Andrea Sophocleous

Car insurance is not usually a sexy topic. Not, at least, until AAMI Insurance's unlikely romantic couple Rhonda and Ketut hit Australian television screens two years ago, and sparked a love-fest across the country.

Now AAMI is preparing to launch the fourth installment of this campaign, while reaping the rewards of its pre-existing popularity. Speaking at the Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney in June 2013, Richard Riboni, AAMI's executive marketing manager, said the first television commercial (TVC) starring the character of Rhonda, which launched in October 2011, received a lukewarm reception internally.

"It was a bit of a departure from where we had been with our safe driver programme that had begun with 'What about me?' a few years earlier," he told the conference audience.