Nuclear energy to atomic power

Justin Gibbons

Put energy into your communications by replacing static, linear planning models with fluid, dynamic ones that allow consumers to participate with their insight

Models of thinking help us to structure our thoughts and ideas. The best ones, like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, provide an enduring encapsulation of the human condition. Others are more fleeting in their ability to capture a core truth but still provide an anchor for the mind (and often a good finale to a presentation).

As we emerge from the credit crunch, it seems that more has changed than simply our attitudes to money and the bankers that control it. In the world of marketing we have been through a period of revolution; digital media, connected consumers, neuroscience, freakonomics and the economics of free have all disrupted the received wisdoms of marketing convention. Welcome to the new world and the new models of thinking that make sense of it.