Chinese Consumers' Perceptions Toward Smartphone and Marketing Communication on Smartphone

Huan Chen
Penn State University, The Behrend College, United States

Fang Liu
Qingdao University China

Tingting Dai
Wuhan Textile University, China


In the morning on her way to work, Samantha logs on QQ (the most popular chatting software in China) on her smartphone to see if there are any messages left for her from her friends and colleagues. After that, she logs on Sina Weibo (the most popular microblog in China) to check a variety of information, repost some interesting ones, reply to messages, and make comments. If she still has time, she will go to to browse some news. During her work time, she sometimes uses her smartphone to check weather or news. On her way home, she usually repeats the activities that she does on her way to work. Before she goes to bed, she uses her smartphone to check Weibo and news again.