ESPN SportsCenter: Da Da Da

Campaign details

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Media: Starcom, MacDonald Media
Research: ESPN, Nielsen, Sterling Brands, Hart Research, MRI, Millward Brown, GfK

Business objective

Maintain market position of ESPN's flagship property SportsCenter in an evolving media landscape where sports fans are using a growing set of sources to obtain sports news and information.

Foundational research

The SportsCenter "Da-Da-Da" campaign is the culmination of a multidisciplinary research program over 2+ years. This research had three goals:

  1. Learn how to increase consumption of SportsCenter
  2. Identify the target audience
  3. Understand what SportsCenter means to the fans

Nielsen data show that SportsCenter's reach is strong (35 million Males 18-54 tune-in each quarter). If SportsCenter were a network it would rank as a top 10 cable network among young men. However, each day nine out of ten men 18-54 do not watch SportsCenter, and those who do view watch just one episode a week. Instead of driving new viewers to SportsCenter, or increasing length-of-tune, the key to growing SportsCenter ratings is to increase frequency of tune-in.