Make a lasting impression

Joe Mullich

When listening to the radio, you've probably heard the phrase this program was brought to you by more times than you care to remember. But did you remember the name of the sponsor a few seconds later? “Too many advertisers make the mistake of treating a sponsorship like a spot buy,” asserts Gary Fries, president and CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau in New York. “The value of a sponsorship comes from leveraging the relationship the radio program or segment has with the listener.” Here are six innovative ways to make your message worth remembering.

Become part of the show's excitement. The best sponsorships achieve creative links between the message and the radio segment. Reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee has been masterful in showcasing advertisers in the natural flow of his weekly, nationally syndicated radio program, On Fuego. In a segment sponsored by Net10 Wireless, “contacto directo,” Daddy Yankee places calls to listeners on his cell phone.