American Industry Overview: Wood Household Furniture

This classification consists of establishments engaged in manufacturing wooden furniture commonly used in dwellings, with the exception of television, radio, phonograph, and sewing machine cabinets.

The non-upholstered wood furniture market has four segments: master bedroom, youth/second bedroom, casual dining, and formal dining. Master bedroom is the largest wood segment and the third largest among all furniture, after sofas and mattresses. The youth/second bedroom segment includes pieces for children, such as cribs and changing stations, along with furniture for spare bedrooms. The line between the remaining two segments, casual and formal dining, grows increasingly blurred, as lifestyle changes spur greater numbers of consumers to opt for casual dining sets over more formal units. According to Furniture Today, in 2008 Americans spent $8.3 billion on master bedroom furniture, $4.6 billion on youth/second bedroom pieces, $3.6 billion on casual dining furniture, $5.5 on formal dining room furniture.