Agency: Medicus Author: David Cousins

Bayer Health – Adalat

Silver Award – Campaign for Established Product Brands

Special Prize – Best Use of Research

Agency: Medicus
Client: Bayer Health
Product: Adalat


How do you stroke the ego of doctors without actually telling them how fabulous they are?

That was the challenge faced by Adalat if the ageing pharmaceutical brand was to keep its head above water in the fiercely competitive category of hypertension; or to those less medically orientated, high blood pressure.

Knowing the reluctance of GPs to reveal their behavioural motivations when treating hypertension, Medicus and Bayer elected to make their brand investigation an open and ongoing one whereby the true feelings of GPs might finally come to light. And it was these underlying emotions explored through qualitative dialogue rather than the less revealing 'reasons for prescribing' stated in quantitative studies, which led to the insight behind one of the most powerful campaigns seen in this category.