Swinton Taxi Division – Swinton Mystery Tipper Campaign

Principal Authors: Adrian Rowe, Helen Lawson - Red C
Contributing Authors: Katharine Allen, Amy Estcourt - Red C; David Savage, Rhian Thomas - Swinton Group


The insurance sector is a complex and increasingly challenging marketplace. For most of us, insurance has always been a distress purchase – something we grudgingly concede we need to have, and resent the increasing premiums. Three key innovations in the last decade have had a significant impact on the broader market. The launch of Direct Line's online insurance offer, in 1999, following the formula of its breakthrough approach to offering insurance by telephone a decade earlier, forced every insurer and broker to reassess their approach – here was a company that made buying insurance simple and fuss-free, cutting out the middle man and talking everyday language. This sparked an extended period of discounting in the sector that still has ramifications today.