Children and the Internet

Anne Verrept, Leo Burnett, and Denise Gardiner, Starcom, explore the use of the Internet in children's lives

What is the culture of children today? Over the last 20 years we have seen many changes in society. If we borrow a phrase from the musical, Oliver!, we may be on the way to understanding. Oliver said, Please Sir, can I have some more? More is a key word associated with children today.

There is much more choice in all areas of life. Children undoubtedly have more power. Not only do they have their own disposable income but they also have a huge amount of influence on the purchases of the household.

Children also have more independence. The technology explosion has meant an increase in the number of TVs around. According to Youth TGI, 55% of children aged 714 live in a home where there are three or more televisions and only 0.1% have none at all. There is also a trend towards more fragmented family viewing: 63% of children 714 have a television in their room (up from 55% in 1993). This is happening in an expanded media environment, with a massive explosion in the number of TV channels, comics, magazines, cinema screens, and so on. That expanded media environment now includes computers.

Empowerment with technology