Johnson's Baby: Herbal Bath Time

Campaign details

Brand owner: Johnson & Johnson
Agency: OMD Taiwan
Brand: Johnson's Baby
Country: Taiwan
Channels used: Television
Media budget:Up to 500k

Executive summary

Johnson's Baby Taiwan had undergone tough challenges, which in turn affected sales increase in 2011. As a long-established brand, consumers felt that Johnson's Baby was of low relevance, and had nothing new and distinctive to offer.

Securing sufficient awareness and recouping brand appeal amongst mums with toddlers was necessary. We created a new attraction with the launch of Johnson's Baby Herbal Cooling Bath to meet functional bathing needs during summer – and to make it refreshing and rejuvenating!

Bath time is always a tug of war between mums and kids, and in Taiwan it is even worse! Tears are always shed as mums try to convince their kids to take a bath. To change this situation, we applied 'music education' in order to build a happy bath time for mother and child.