NRMA Insurance: Differentiation Makes a Massive Difference

Agency: Whybin\TBWA\Tequila
Client: Insurance Australia Group
Product: NRMA Insurance


Whilst NRMA Insurance provides car, home, boat and motorbike insurance in four out of seven states in Australia, this entry focuses on the results from the car insurance campaign that was used to re-launch the brand in the state of New South Wales (NSW) – think Sydney as a reference point. Because of its success it was subsequently rolled out to other states but they fall outside the period in which the Cannes jury awarded NRMA Insurance a 2011 Bronze lion.

Background that helps contextualise the objectives that were set.

For the two years prior to the re-launch campaign, NRMA Insurance had invested heavily in a brand positioning campaign called 'Unworry' whose backbone was the generic truth that 'people wanted insurers to take the worry out of insurance for me – give me peace of mind'. Despite the significant investment, it wasn't delivering the desired business results – i.e. call volumes at a cost efficient rate – as the below graph illustrates.