How to maximise your mobile marketing results: Five areas for thought

Low Lai Chow

Smartphones have overtaken feature phones, tablets are threatening PCs, wearables are on the rise, the internet of things is around the corner. All these developments mean that brands are having to address the challenges of device fragmentation, figuring out how to create maximum impact with their marketing efforts across the mobile platform.

At the ad:tech Jakarta roadshow, held in May 2014, Vikas Gulati, vp/Southeast Asia at Vserv, the mobile advertising exchange, offered some advice. Marketers can leverage on five areas, he said – "irrespective of the device, irrespective of the platforms that you work on" – to bring their mobile marketing plans to the next level.

1. Remember the power of voice

Pointing out that the voice feature is after all the "native application" on the mobile ever since the days of the first mobile devices – "It is the purpose of the mobile" – Gulati said that voice continues to play a huge role in emerging markets to this day.