Point of View: Time to synchronise

Molly Flatt

Recently, a rare bout of browser bookmark-sorting made me rediscover 'Human Life', a lovely video created by the UK telephone bank First Direct in 2009. You can still find it on Vimeo: a montage of people going about their day, their heads crowded with hopes and worries, while they absent-mindedly check accounts, pay bills and file tax returns. In the climactic frame, an old-fashioned clerk declares that 'it is my belief that we will see banking become a harmonious part of our everyday lives'.

Four years on, that ad has more resonance than ever. Social media is only the first shift in a thorough transformation of how people communicate and consume. We are already seeing the next frontier emerge in the form of wearable tech, from Google Glass to the iWatch, the world's first Twitter dress to Adidas' social media-enabled running shoe. The boundaries between on- and offline, personal and professional, fun and functionality are disappearing. We have become our own channel, and time has been called on message-based marketing.