Advertisers & agencies as partners: Excerpt from Inside Advertiser and Agency Relationships: A Hands-On Guide for Practitioners

Melvin Prince and Mark Davies

Inside Advertiser and Agency Relationships is an in-depth secondary analysis of ANA survey data collected online. The work is based on survey responses from 108 advertisers who described their relationships with a total of 179 advertising agencies. The analysis goes inside these relationships between advertisers and agencies. This includes tensions that arise – and how both partners work to ameliorate them. Advertiser needs and satisfaction with their agencies are addressed. Advertisers' views and evaluations of their agencies complete the exposition of advertiser and agency relationships.

Different kinds of advertiser and agency relationships are examined throughout this work. Results are qualified by structural characteristics of advertisers (e.g., size, industry, and revenues), as well as advertiser-agency relational variables, such as agency compensation arrangements and relationship longevity. The usefulness of this approach is apparent. Advertisers may normatively examine their experiences and attitudes with respect to their agencies, i.e., by comparing relationships with their agencies to those of other similar advertisers.