Talenthouse and Nokia on how to tap into creative networks

Joseph Clift

How do aspiring creatives hope to make a living these days? That was the central question explored in a joint Forum session from Talenthouse, a crowdsourcing agency, and mobile phone giant Nokia at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in June 2014.

To Maya Bogle, managing director at, Talenthouse, this question represents both a big problem and a big opportunity for the advertising and marketing industry. "We want to find a way to support creative people across the world," she told the audience. "Great content can come from everywhere – but the reality is that the majority of artists cannot make money from their art."

Creative match-making

One big reason for creatives' recent loss of income is the rise of free digital platforms: songwriters find it harder to live on royalties from Spotify, without even taking into account the income lost via illegal downloads. Similarly, traditional broadcasters have seen traditional sources of income erode due to the increasing ubiquity of online video distributions. The solution advocated by Talenthouse is to turn the power of digital – in easy distribution and network connections across borders – to creatives' advantage.