Nikon: I AM Nikon

Principal authors: Louisa von Reumont and Julia Peuckert, Jung von Matt AG
Contributing authors: Birgitta Olson and Klaas Abreu Miedema, Nikon Europe BV; Sean Fellows, Nikon UK


Nikon has a long history as a premium camera manufacturer and is strongly associated with professional photography. However, being perceived as "pro" alienates broader target groups, rather than being an attraction.

The challenges we faced were to raise awareness for Nikon, making the brand more approachable and a relevant player in the compact camera segment.

Background /The Situation

General Situation

For years, Nikon Europe has been following a decentralised marketing and communications strategy, where each country fought on its own.

This resulted in very different market positions across the European countries. While some markets were quite successful, Nikon was a rather small market player in the UK and in Germany.1