Dove Men + Care: Dove Man (You're A Man)

Ogilvy France


Despite all the competitive intensity in the male grooming category in the US in 2010, Dove Men+Care proved that communicating to real men in a way they truly can relate to is a powerful and effective creative strategy, making Dove Men+Care the fastest growing men’s brand of 2010.

Dove Men+Care is the Champion of Real Men.

63% of men feel stereotyped and misrepresented in the media1 and despite a booming market, there was not a single men’s personal care brand that resonated with real, mature men. Dove Men+Care was developed to champion these real men; men who deserve to be as comfortable in their physical skin as they are in their lives.

Dove Men+Care needed to be launched in a huge way to capture the minds of American men. To break through, our media communication had to be relevant, bold and masculine and show him what we had to offer. And what better place to launch DM+C to him than the Super bowl – the highest rated primetime and live sports game for our demographic, on feburary the 7th, 2010.