Seven Big Ideas - Cinzano Vermouth Campaign

James Durfree

I think there is a version of the Chinese torture going on here. I have been asked to speak on vermouth. We all know what you do with vermouth and, at the bottom of the program for this session, there is a footnote that says, "There will be no cocktails before lunch so that lunch can be started promptly at 12:15." That's torture!

I've been asked to talk on a small budget campaign, but I want to emphasize I do not advocate small budget campaigns. What we did for Cinzano initially is what any good agency would do if they developed enough of the selling proposition; we found out all about the product. The first thing we found out was that it was a vermouth and, surprisingly, a lot of people in our place didn't know that. The second thing we found out was that it was the largest-selling major brand in the world, and the third thing we found out was that it was the slowest major brand in the United States.