Unilever – Marmite – Free Horrid Henry

Agency name: Iris Nation
Client name: Unilever
Category: Brand-Building


Marmite is a British household name that competes with spreads, cereals and snacks at the breakfast table. Unusually for a brand, it is openly happy for people to hate it, and plays on that with its brand positioning. Although it is a very successful and popular brand, it’s penetration levels had stagnated recently.

The critical audience for Marmite is mums with growing families. Research has shown that if children grow up being fed Marmite then they are much more likely to become the Marmite buyers of the future. Therefore it’s crucial that any activity appeals to Marmite mums at its core.

The aim of the promotion was to increase frequency of purchase amongst these Marmite mums as well as making that natural partnership of Horrid Henry and Marmite sing for our core audience in a way that builds both brand equity and drives sales.