The Emperor Gets New Clothes

Dennis E. Gonier
Digital Marketing Services, Inc.


'There he goes, strolling the avenue as if he were clothed.  He appears not to notice that those he serves are losing respect for him – quickly.  They mock him in private and refuse to speak with him.  Above all, some say his vision has weakened.  Indeed, he cannot even see that he is naked.'

Welcome to the modern fable of the marketing research industry

When online research pioneers, traditional firms and clients gathered at the ARF Online Research Day in Los Angeles at the start of 1999, this story entered a bright new chapter.  Today, we announce that the period has begun when online research is adopted wider and faster than it is questioned.  This major conference event has marked the turning point in the industry, the day when the risk and hard work met the sea change in the consumer communication landscape.  The day when our industry agreed that change was at hand.