The Convergence of Mobility and Media

Mobile technology for the right reasons

Susanna Lewis and Jonas Selén
Telefon AB LM Ericsson, Sweden.

Jürgen Warnecke
SKIM Analytical durables&ct, Netherlands.


The mobile phone as a media device for communication and other services is seen as an important driver for the success of new multimedia capable mobile networks. There are several reasons for this. One of the key reasons is, of course, the new stream of revenue potentially captured by both the operators/mobile service providers and the media industry by offering media content. Thus, mobile media can provide direct incremental revenues to their existing businesses via the new mobile channel.

However, the indirect effects of mobile media can be just as important. For the operators/mobile service providers, mobile media can lead to an indirect additional usage of existing communication services such as voice calls or SMS/text as a result of mobile media consumption. The possibilities for interactivity are almost endless. Just imagine the following: a consumer sees a preview video clip from a new movie on the mobile phone and then calls friends to talk about the new movie or plans via the telephone for a group of friends to see the new movie together later that night. The possibilities of contacts triggered by the preview video clip within the peer group can be enormous.