The effect of ad value, ad placement and ad execution on the perceived instrusiveness of web advertisements

Lou Ying, Tor Korneliussen and Kjell Grønhaug


Advertisements are supposed to produce positive effects, of value to the advertiser and consumer, but may have negative effects as well. One such negative effect is that advertisements may be perceived as intrusive and result in negative consequences. Such intrusiveness can give raise to ad irritation and annoyance, and ultimately lead to ad avoidance (Bauer & Greyser 1968; Edwards et al. 2002), with detrimental effects for both sellers and buyers. The purpose of this research is to investigate factors that may impact on ad intrusiveness and their potential effects on advertisements on web pages. In particular we investigate factors related to ad value, ad placement and ad execution - that is, factors that advertising can manipulate to an extent and where ad value is seen as critical.