Baheya Cancer Hospital: The Sweet Donation

Naila Fattouh

Campaign details

Brand: Baheya Cancer Hospital
Brand owner: Baheya Cancer Hospital
Lead agency: FP7/CAI
Country: Egypt
Industries: Charities & voluntary organisations, Healthcare services, providers
Channels used: Direct marketing, Other & ambient media, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

The holy month of Ramadan is the peak season for charities to advertise in Egypt. The month to do good is an opportunity for charities to receive donations. For this reason, every ad break throughout the month is cluttered with ads requesting donations. And because airing in Ramadan is so effective, being the peak TV viewing season, media is extremely expensive. But for a new charity hospital like Baheya Women's Cancer Hospital, TV in Ramadan was not an affordable option. Baheya needed to prove to Egyptians that women's cancer was one of the worthiest causes for their donations and it needed to do so, without relying on TV. So, with a tiny budget, the hospital set off to create an alternative media channel that had never been used before. A new, innovative medium that spread awareness by smartly entering thousands of Egyptian homes, educating families on Baheya and its fight against cancer and, more importantly, managing to acquire 25 times the amount spent in donations.

Market background and objectives