Diet Coke: Love it Light

Client Company Name: Coca Cola
Brand Name: Diet Coke
Agency: Verve Marketing
Category: Brand-building; Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial campaigns
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €100,000 and over
Country: Ireland


  1. Launched in Ireland in 1982, Diet Coke is the #1 diet drink and #3 soft drink in the world.
  2. In Ireland, Diet Coke represents 14% of all CSD's (carbonate soft drinks), 26% of Cola and 51% of light CSDs.
  3. In Northern Ireland Diet Coke is the #2 soft drink brand and has the highest per capita consumption of Diet Coke in the world at 26.5 ltrs per person per year!
  4. Over 60% of Diet Coke consumers are loyal females, driving 67% of volume.
  5. Diet Coke appeals to 16-35 year old females with a lighter attitude to life who want a great tasting cola drink without the guilt of calories.
  6. Diet Coke is struggling to recruit new 16-24 year old drinkers
  7. The water category is gaining, notably amongst 20-29 year olds.


  1. Drive Trial with an experiential sampling campaign engaging with 50% of all 16-24 females 2/3 times by tapping into their daily habits and establishing Diet Coke firmly – yet not exclusively - on the fashion scene. Increase 'Past 4 week' consumption figures.
  2. Distribute 300,000 samples throughout the year combining both light and rich experiential programme - Increasing volume in in unit cases by +1%
  3. Engage and recruit the next generation of Diet Coke drinkers. Specifically targeting 16-24yr olds but not alienating 35 yr +
  4. Increase FB friends & posts on Diet Coke page
  5. Bring the brand personality to life while forging a relationship with the consumer
  6. Educate the young consumer about the key product attributes and overcome the perceived taste barrier
  7. Deliver Diet Coke to 16-24 yr olds in a way that resonates with them and is relevant to their lifestyle
  8. Create plenty of 'little positive moments' through experiential concepts that appeal to the less loyal consumer (16-24yr old) and VIP 30+ consumer