McDonald's serves up seven tips for digital success

Low Lai Chow

Successful digital strategies are defined by achieving two goals, and encouraged by developing seven distinct capabilities, Andrew Knott, vice president of media and digital, APMEA, at McDonald's Singapore, told delegates at the Internet Show Asia 2013.

Knott began by outlining the two main objectives of leveraging this channel: "One, build the brand: can I evolve the relationships my consumers have with my brand? Secondly, can I deliver the sales results? We're a restaurant; we can measure sales on a daily basis."

He then went on to discuss the seven skills marketers need to achieve such aims.

1) Think business

Fostering strong ideas in local markets, and then rolling them out internationally, is a cornerstone of McDonald's current strategy. And it is also much more complex than a mere numbers game.

"When I meet Facebook people and they talk to me about a billion people being on the platform, my counterpoint is – and I'm not even suggesting that social isn't a very important part of our strategy – that we serve a billion people every two weeks. We're in 119 countries, (have) 34,000 restaurants that we actually own, and anything that we do has to be done on a really enormous scale," Knott said.