Bigger than the Industrial Revolution

Nicky Perrott, e-MORI, explores some of the implications of the digital revolution for researchers and marketers

Bigger than the industrial revolution.
Julia Groves, former head of Digital Services at BA1

Julia is talking about the internet of course. This is a pretty big claim shes making, but Julia believes it fervently. I quote it in the title of this article with a question mark, not just because I am not as bold as Julia, but also because I want you to make up your own minds about this.

I am not going to talk about the rapid growth of the internet because that is exactly what you would expect me to do. Instead I want to discuss the impact of new consumer technologies (the internet, interactive TV, the new generation of WAP mobile phones with access to cut-down internet pages, games consoles and music players with internet access, and so on), on the marketing landscape in which we operate.

Revolution in marketing