IKEA 2012 Catalogue: A roommate worth having

303Lowe Subiaco

Advertiser: IKEA
Brand: IKEA 2012 Catalogue
Country: Australia


The IKEA catalogue

The IKEA catalogue is an institution. For IKEA, it sets the commercial tone for the whole year. It contains the key IKEA range of new and existing products, the prices (which are set for the entire year) and is distributed via letterbox drop to 100% of deliverable households in the metropolitan area in Perth and Adelaide over a two-week period in August. It is the cornerstone of IKEA's marketing program. It is the distillation of the IKEA brand and fundamental to driving IKEA's annual business performance.

A successful catalogue and catalogue launch is vital and supports a successful sales year for the international retailer. Further, historically research has clearly demonstrated the link that recall and retention of the catalogue correlates directly to increased store visitation as well as spend per visit. Hence, it is vitally important that people not only receive the catalogue, but keep it, interact with it and are inspired by it.